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Made in Japan, Vesrah has been producing components for motorcycles and bicycles since 1950. More recently, with significant research and development, Vesarh  racing components including high performance brake pads and racing cylinder head gaskets continue to prove their performance around the workd with many top-level riders and teams purchasing Vesrah compnents.

WIN Performance Racing Rear Pads

Designed to bring more control through the rear wheel, WIN racing rear pads have been born by looking at the way racers use the rear brake, and will not lock no matter the riders  input on the pedal. Available in four levels of stopping power to suit your ability and confidence.

B-Pads (Gray)

Just started riding? Don’t like to use the rear brake? With B-Pads, rear braking is more comfortable and safer without locking. Recommended for 250cc or smaller capacity bikes.

Braking Effectiveness - Least Powerful

E-Pads (Brown)

E-Pads are for expert riders who have a lot of experience with rear braking. The braking material has more definitive braking power that gives you greater control. Recommended for 600cc or bigger engine bikes.

Braking Effectiveness - Powerful

P-Pads (Red)

P-Pads are perfect for expert riders looking for decisive rear braking power, a step up in stopping power from the E-Pads.

Braking Effectiveness - Power Plus

S-Pads (Blue)

For riders who use the rear pads often & for largest capacity machines.

Braking Effectiveness - Strongest Power

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